Throughout our events, age categories and ability levels in Baton Twirling we use spins in our choreography.

Spin technique is a difficult thing to master, however when it is executed correctly it can be a beautiful addition to your program.

5 things the judge would like to see

Strong preparation on the balls of your feet.
Pushing off into the spin from 4th releve with your body alignment square to the front
Toe to ankle bone throughout the spin spinning on 1 foot only
Baton revolution and correct release technique
Arms beautifully placed in your chosen/choreographed position

5 things the judge does not want to see

Spinning on a flat foot and bending of the knees
Lifting you shoulders up and throwing your head back
Twisting you body shape and crossing over your foot placement at point of release
Unplaced arms and spinning with 2 feet turning your spin into a run around
Knee bend/jump at point of release

What’s your top tips to help with spin technique ?

We would love to hear your views

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